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SquadflowM : Battle Arena

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Sweep the battlefield with dazzling and colorful controls!
An exhilarating action-shoot that you might have never experienced before!

It restarted on mobile! SquadflowM : Battle Arena

1) Multi-play Mode Full of Speed and Tension Sense

▶ VS Individual Contest Mode: In the whole universe, only I exist! Show off your abilities which you have built through your mission! First rank is in your hands!
▶ 3 VS 3 Teams Play Mode: The essence of TPS meca shooting game was gathered in a place! One-time carelessness can lead defeat of your team! Infinite control ability which has been in you can lead victory of your team.
▶ Pre-occupation Mode: Perform three occupation missions in three members in a team. Fierce battle to occupy opponents’ base! Harmony of speed and destruction of Squadflow M gives you the ultimate fun you can feel in PVP mode!

2) I am the protagonist of Squadflow M! Single play mode

▶ Mission (Story) Mode: SP5 mission on the desolate earth is safe repatriation of survivors!
Protect mysterious girl encountered during the investigation from blackbot and complete safe repatriation mission.
▶ If it is difficult to carry out your mission, call users who are your friends sharing your affinity as reinforcements. They will be great help!
▶ Special mode: Play day raids changing every day through unique stage to get required items and play solo infinite mode to make you know the end of your survival. Get rewards!

3) Playing together is the essence of an action game! Cooperation mode

▶ Cooperative Mission Mode: Your SP5 does not need to play Mission mode. Now start to do repatriation missions with other users
▶ Infinite mode: Teamwork is the most necessary factor for survival. Let’s survive together against the infinitely-haunted black bots!

4) Your own unique weapons and characters

▶ The rifle and heavy machine gun keep the taste of shooting! You can become Rambo of battlefield!
▶ Launchers that enable you to beat all the crowded enemies at one blast will give you a thrilling excitement!
▶ Laser and plasma are used for general purpose and excellent in destructing black bots formed by hologram!
▶ The knuckles and drills that act on the hands can be said masculine blast of great destructive power!
▶ Build your best weapons by collecting more equipments necessary for reinforcement in various modes.
▶ If you feel tired since SP5 is plain metal skin? The unique skin is on sale at the store!

For convenient game play, permission in the below will be requested.
– Access for device photo, media: These are required for game data to be on the storage.
– Access for acount: This is required for integration with Google account information.Download SquadflowM : Battle Arena for free
Free download SquadflowM : Battle Arena : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.icecreamfarm.sf