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Stickman: Jailbreak Craft

You will play the character Stickman, who was imprisoned. Your mission is to find 2 successful ways to escape from prison using crafting. Craft will wait at every turn to avoid becoming a victim of guards and monsters. In the prison cell you will have a chest, which will contain the necessary items for crafting. Use different blocks, weapons to make a successful jailbreak. Character Stick is in prison and dreams of escaping. Among the monsters you will see zombies and many other characters. You will also see various weapons, among them there will be a sword, a pickaxe and another. The game will meet various knife switches, portals, with the help of which you can teleport. You will have to work with different blocks to build a solid bridge and pass it. Stickman jailbreak is waiting for you! Prison the escape will cheer you up.
Download Stickman: Jailbreak Craft for free
Free download Stickman: Jailbreak Craft : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.sjcraft