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Super Mushrooms VS Bacteria

Dangerous bacteria are coming to attack your home…
Ask for help from the heroic Super Mushrooms!
Enjoy the thrill of both strategy and pinball games at your fingertips!

■ Game Features
1. Upgradable units whose appearance evolves with each upgrade
2. Brilliant combination of elements from pinball machines and defense games
3. Realistic character motions enabled by physics engine
4. Enemy bacteria with various attributes
5. Diverse strategies
6. Over 100 stages and background stories
7. Continuous seasonal updates

■ How to Play
– Set up mushrooms to block bacteria from coming through pipes.
– Bacteria evolve over time, so strategically use your mushrooms to fend them off.
– Use the pinball machine bar inside the house to swat away bacteria.
– The objective of this game is to prevent bacteria from infiltrating your home by using mushrooms.
– Use your mushrooms wisely against the ever-evolving bacteria.

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