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Super Spell Heroes Gameplay Android / iOS (Real-time PvP)

Super Spell Heroes Gameplay Android / iOS (Real-time PvP) Download Game

** This video is sponsored by Flaregames GmbH **

Super Spell Heroes is a real-time 1v1 puzzle duel game of wizards and elemental powers. Tactically match colours to cast epic spells, fight other players and become the ultimate magical legend!

Journey through magical realms, unlock and upgrade new playable wizards and equip them with unique, evolving spells.

Get ready to join the battle now, level up your magic and duel your way across the map to the mystical Crystal Palace!

• Cast powerful spells by matching elements in a frenzy of fighting and puzzle game action
• Wield and level up legendary skills in multiplayer battles, from impressive attacking blasts to strategic blocks and heals
• Fight real-time tactical duels against players from around the world to receive valuable rewards
• Unlock and train every brave hero, from Jane the Witch to Asgard the Golem, and complete their quest
• Master the unique magical spells of each hero and choose their best tactical loadout on your journey to become a legend
• Collect, evolve and max out hundreds of powerful spells to build a formidable deck
• Journey through and discover magical worlds, slaying wizards and bosses on your adventure
• Focus on defensive play or be brave and attack in an epic frenzy? The choice is yours
• Complete quests on the world map to train heroes and level up to achieve ultimate power
• Match your opponents in duels where tactical focus can outdo sheer power
• Connect with Facebook to train and battle with your friends for ultimate bragging rights

DOWNLOAD : https://bit.ly/2MUOhmQ

Total Size : 159 MB
Online/Offline? : Online

Download Super Spell Heroes Gameplay Android / iOS (Real-time PvP)

Super Spell Heroes Gameplay Android / iOS (Real-time PvP) Free Download