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Tales Arena Gameplay Android / iOS

Tales Arena Gameplay Android / iOS Download Game

The Masterpiece of RTS Game on Mobile.
But Anybody easy Touch-up and got Win.

Winning is simple. Summon your desired units and Spells to battle. Find your opponent until the end and fight.

There are various game modes (up to five), so there are many things to enjoy even if it is not a fierce battle.

Tales TV is more fun to enjoy with popcorn.
Somehow, should Be the best Commander of Troops to survival.

[Game Features]

1. Battle Online.
– Tales Arena is a real-time PVP game that allows you to battle 1vs1, 2vs2. Get rewards and experience after winning the battle.

2. Playing & Watching
– Anybody could touch Tales Arena, An easy to control UI with the finger. Strategy and Tactical battle are no longer difficult with Tales Arena.
– If difficult for You, watch the battlefield where live combat takes place by the TalesTV. TalesTV is the best way to get the win.

3. Create your troops.
– More than 30 units & Spells(Update every 2weeks) are preparing to battle at Tales Arena. The units were armed with different features, such as attack, defense, and spells. Create a unique Troops with 8 different units & Spells to join the battle.

4. Not Alone!
– Please, Join the Clan for together. The clan could bring you the best commander in the battlefield.


App Store: Not Available Now
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Total Size : 330 MB
Online/Offline? : Online

Download Tales Arena Gameplay Android / iOS

Tales Arena Gameplay Android / iOS Free Download