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Tiger Transforming Robot 2018

Tiger Transforming Robot 2018 Download Game

Tiger Transforming Robot 2018 by TapSim Game Studio
Welcome to mecha world of tiger. An experiment of science and technology goes wrong and Robo-tiger created. Tiger Transforming Robot 2018 is all about showing your inner grudge. Be a mighty robo-tiger and fight against your foes!
With his giant body and powerful tail, he can easily destroy the enemies. Wreck everything that comes in your way and earn scores as fast as you can. Teach the lesson to those who stands against you with your super powers. Obstacles are heading your way, your enemies are growing up, demolish them & make your mission complete.
Different action packed missions are waiting for you. Prepare yourself for ultimate fun and thrill with amazing experience. Battle and Fight with the opponents & try to get the maximum score to complete your mission. The new era for robot animal game and robot action games has been started.
Prepare yourself and show your rivals who’s the boss here!
Tiger Transforming Robot 2018 Features:
• Different thrilling and amazing missions to complete
• Variety of unique super powers
• 3D environment of city and streets
• Engaging game with excited twist & turns
• Sounds and visual effects for maximum thrill
• Action packed level progression
• Easy & Fun to play with Smooth controls
Download link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

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Tiger Transforming Robot 2018 Free Download