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Vampire Secrets: The New Vamp

– A super fun Vampire Love Story game with tons of characters, relationships, clothes to dress up, makeup, doing your hair, going to prom dates, etc
– Dress up & add makeup to you character for the perfect school date
– Tons of dresses, clothes, makeup to choose from
– Meet a ton of interesting characters, such as your BFF, you ex, your crush and more!

– Emma sank into unconsciousness after the accident. Actually, something very unusual had happened to her.
– Michael Venture is a new student in Emma’s class. He’s the tall and handsome one. He doesn’t make friends well, he is always alone.
– Emma had locked herself in her room for a month. Emma’s best friend Rebecca is so worried about her. She came to visit Emma today.
– Rebecca found an old book in Kate’s stuff. There is a picture of Rebecca in the book, it’s Rebecca, not Emma. Kate was Rebecca’s biological mother! And Kate’s a witch! Rebecca’s a witch, too!
– Rebecca decided to take revenge for Emma.
– Emma finally decides to walk out of all the sadness. She goes back to school. She almost exposed her vampire face in front of her crush Jasper.
– Michael takes Emma to the forest behind school. What is waiting for Emma?
– On the other side of the forest, Rebecca is implementing her big plan. Emma misunderstood Jasper and Rebecca were together.
– Heartbroken Emma goes back home alone. She will never know that Jasper likes her, too.

And so much more waiting for you to find out!

Want more school love stories? Having problems? Suggestions? We would love to hear from you!

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