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Wilderness Car Hitting Zombies

Drive your car through the blocking of heavy zombies, and survive in the end of the world!
This is a survival game where you need to drive your chariot as far as possible on the end of the world’s zombie road. Drive your truck carefully to avoid obstacles and crush the zombies on the road with huge wheels! Use the machine gun and rocket grenade equipped on the car to shoot the zombies! Through the most dangerous highways, you can upgrade your truck with collected gold coins. There are 6 major components to upgrade: wheels, armor, fuel tank, steering gear, engine, rocket fuel propeller

Game features:
– Clear picture and immersive high quality sound
– A variety of super-realistic vehicles with different designs, as well as exquisite scenes
– Upgrade and customize every detail of your chosen vehicle
– Unique physics and operation modes, as well as gorgeous and realistic rolling sound effectsDownload Wilderness Car Hitting Zombies for free
Free download Wilderness Car Hitting Zombies : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zombie.racing.road.earntodie