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World of Shooting Robots

The robot war has started! Choose your side and fight with enemy robots without mercy! Feel like a real robot commander, step to the battle arena with our new team shooter game!
Lead the squad of fighting robots! Use different upgrades and investments to improve your war machine – new engine, various types of frame, dozens of weapons – from machine gun to rocket launcher or artillery cannon!
Bombs blasting, robots shooting – the war is near! Each robot kill will bring to you some points – use it to upgrade your battle robot! Check different robots as your armored engine or opponents – rhino robot, dino robot, spider robot, robot gunner, dragon robot, robot shark, and others! Dominate the shooting rage with your robot warriors made from iron steel!
Enjoy our robotic battle deathmatch game! Bright world of war machines is waiting!Download World of Shooting Robots for free
Free download World of Shooting Robots : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gemgames.worldofshootingrobots