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World Soccer King

World Soccer King Download Game

World Soccer King by Bluehole PNIX
Join the true soccer battle against players around the world! With elegantly simple controls and surprisingly deep team management, World Soccer King brings the real soccer multiplayer matchups on your mobile. Travel to famous stadiums around the world, score goals, win games, be the champ and make your team the greatest of all time! You can also play with your friends!
In World Soccer King, you need to make a series of key passes to your teammates through the opposing team’s defense line. The controls are very easy. Just drag and release on the ball to do all kinds of kicks: short-pass, long-pass, cross and shoot! Whenever you get the ball the in-game time stops to help you measure the next shot. But be sure to act out soon because the opponents will start pressing hard to intercept! There is no foul or offside here, so every match is dynamic while lasting only 3 minutes. You’d need to move quickly!
Win matches and get capsules from which you discover new footballers or upgrade existing ones: Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders and Goalkeepers! Coordinate your best players with right tactics to maximize their potentials against different rival teams. Your team’s choice of formation and uniform opens up new strategies while strengthening various stats of the members.
– Exciting Soccer matches in real-time online multiplayer.
– Simple and intuitive control: Just swipe and release to pass and shoot!
– World Soccer King does not know foul or offside. Play with your gut and compete for the ball fiercely!
– Open capsules to discover powerful new players or upgrade existing ones.
– Collect trophies and advance to higher stages with stronger opponents and bigger prizes.
– Get promoted in the weekly leagues to win capsules and coins.
– Connect with Facebook to send and request free gifts!
– Play online matches with your family and friends!
Download link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

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World Soccer King Free Download