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Zilant – The Fantasy MMORPG Android Gameplay (Open World MMORPG)

Zilant – The Fantasy MMORPG Android Gameplay (Open World MMORPG) Download Game

Zilant is a breathtaking MMORPG with a massive fantasy world and stunning next-gen graphics. In Zilant, you are a winged warrior, sworn enemy races, exploring a world of awe-inspiring beauty ripped asunder by a dragon war. Soar on your own wings! Experience fast-paced, action packed combat, as you hunt monsters, slay bosses, defeat your enemies, and wage war on your rise to the top. A new fantasy awaits!

Key Features:
– A visually astonishing fantasy open game world
– Soar through the skies with trilling character flight
– Heart-pounding skill-based combat
– Intense PvE and PvP modes (Arena mode, guild vs guild, Moba mode, and more)
– Unprecedented character customization

Soar on your own wings! Flight adds a new aspect to combat, quests, exploration, and harvesting. Journey through the world of awe-inspiring Hollaender Continent and take the fight against the dragonlike Zilant invaders to save the shattered world you love.

Classes define the fundamental abilities and role of your character in Zilant, especially in a combat situation. You select one class from four to begin: Dragon Rider, Oracle, Archer, Prophet.

Fight spectacular one-to-one and group battles, and triumph over nearly 30 world bosses & dungeons. Use combos, skill chains, counterattacks, and stunning aerial tactics to defeat your foes.

Make a style statement and customize your character through a broad selection of gear from drops and item customization. Acquire new weapons and earn new items as you increase your level.

Along with decorative pets, acquire functional mounts that assist with fighting, or act as guardians by alerting you to nearby enemies.

Obtain strength in numbers. Join or form a Legion to take advantage of the benefits of teamwork.

Special game engine built from the ground up to maximize performance on mobile. Unleash devastating skills and chain massive combos with optimized Touch controls.


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Online/Offline? : Online

Download Zilant – The Fantasy MMORPG Android Gameplay (Open World MMORPG)

Zilant – The Fantasy MMORPG Android Gameplay (Open World MMORPG) Free Download