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Zombie Shooting Games: Dead City

A mobile game designed for shooting, survival, and zombie core players! In the game, the human world is finally invaded by zombie viruses. In the face of hordes of evil zombies, you can only pick up the weapons in your hands to destroy the zombies. Don’t forget to shoot zombies on the way to escape, remember to use the rockets wisely, protect yourself with the weapons in your hands, don’t let the zombies get close to you!
1. The picture quality is improved, and the game characters are more realistic.
2. Operation optimization, let your fingers experience the thrill of shooting in the game.
3. Add more game plots.
4. Not only enhances visually, but also improves sound quality, giving you an immersive feeling.
Download Zombie Shooting Games: Dead City for free
Free download Zombie Shooting Games: Dead City : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fps.zombie.dead.shooting.fungames